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Winter Break Pro Bono

This post is less a “how to” and more a celebration of the incredible support that the public interest students receive from the faculty and staff from the Law School. My home is in Los Angeles, California—and it was a universe away from the frenetic and cloistered world of first semester 1L. Knowing that I… Continue reading Winter Break Pro Bono

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The Path to JAG

Students pursuing a public-interest career often face many hurdles. Uncertainty is one of them: the process to find a public-interest job is generally more ill-defined than the well-worn path to law firm jobs. Thankfully, there’s at least one public interest career that offers the chance to serve others with your law degree, but doesn’t leave… Continue reading The Path to JAG

Student Posts

The Job Hunt Roller Coaster

No one really likes applying for jobs. You're constantly sending little parts of yourself into the world via cover letters and resumes and hoping that a few organizations decide they like you enough to give you an interview. Then if you make it to the interview round, you stress about hiding your flaws for a… Continue reading The Job Hunt Roller Coaster