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The Inevitable Question of Public Defense

Why public defense is a question that I have heard many times during law school, from various sources. It is the first question in every PD interview, and the most difficult one to answer. It is asked to measure commitment and maturity; my answer has always been difficult to form because it derives from an… Continue reading The Inevitable Question of Public Defense

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Service is Living

In addition to my responsibilities as a professor here at UVA, I am co-director of the Law & Public Service Program. It is a position that has given me tremendous satisfaction over the years, principally because it has brought me into contact with an amazing group of inspired and inspiring law students, determined to use… Continue reading Service is Living

Student Posts

Justice Scalia and Public Service

A year ago, I attended a lunch where Justice Antonin Scalia gave the keynote address to celebrate the Legal Services Corporation’s 50th anniversary. His thoughts that day echoed a theme that I’ve heard throughout my time in the Law and Public Service Program: The American ideal is not for some justice. It is, as the… Continue reading Justice Scalia and Public Service

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Inspired by Pro Bono at a Big Firm

This past summer, I worked at a large law firm that does corporate transactional work. While I did devote some of my time during the summer to working on corporate or finance matters, at the end of the summer I realized that the majority of my time had actually been spent on pro bono matters.… Continue reading Inspired by Pro Bono at a Big Firm

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Excitement and Joy from Winter Pro Bono

Using the majority of my winter break to engage in a pro bono project was a wonderful experience, and I certainly do not regret walking two blocks in the cold to the South Carolina House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.  This was the ultimate way to combine my interests in public policy, public service, and the… Continue reading Excitement and Joy from Winter Pro Bono

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Pros and Cons of Split Summers

Last summer (my 1L summer) I split my time between two different sections at the Department of Justice.  For the first half of the summer, I worked in the Federal Programs Branch defending various executive and agency programs (like State Department regulations related to 3D printing of weapons).  In the second half, I moved over… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Split Summers