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Shaping Justice Conference Inspires, Activates Students

It’s not always easy to keep in mind why we’re in law school. However we plan to use our education, the daily demands associated with getting that education often distract us from our goals and the values that inform them. The law school institution itself, for better and for worse, can feel isolated from the… Continue reading Shaping Justice Conference Inspires, Activates Students

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Get Out: Becoming a Practice-Ready Lawyer

Law school is an ivory tower. It exists hundreds of miles above our clients’ on-the-ground experiences. We sit in these rooms—divorced from reality—deriving “holdings” from age-old judicial opinions. We theorize, contemplate, and speculate about principles of law from our aerial view. And in the “elevated” exercises of the traditional law school class's Socratic method, we… Continue reading Get Out: Becoming a Practice-Ready Lawyer

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Reflections from a Courtroom

I had never walked into a courtroom before law school.  The only people I knew who had been in courtrooms entered as defendants.  For me, courtrooms had a very serious and almost terrifying power about them.  And yet this year, I have walked into a courtroom at least once a week.  To say the experience… Continue reading Reflections from a Courtroom


UVA Law Alumni Offer Help to Detained Travellers

Over the weekend, UVA law alumni Aly Pont, Monica Haymond, Alison Friberg, Devon Yamauchi, Peter Kye, Rebecca Caruso, and Jennifer Talbert, all Class of 2016, went to the Dulles airport to offer their assistance to travelers detained by President Trump's Executive Order. Note: Federal law and internal agency ethics rules impose various limitations on the actions… Continue reading UVA Law Alumni Offer Help to Detained Travellers

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Amicus Advocacy: An Alternative Path in Impact Lit

Many of us in the LPS community are interested in impact litigation – indeed, analyzing how to construct an impact lit campaign was a centerpiece of Professor Coughlin’s Law & Public Service class for fellows this past spring. While affirmative litigation remains the focus of organizations like the ACLU, NAACP LDF, and the Brennan Center,… Continue reading Amicus Advocacy: An Alternative Path in Impact Lit

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Why Environmental Law is Public Service Law

Public Service Law is not a field whose boundaries can be cleanly demarcated based on the subject matter addressed, the type of client represented, or the policy positions taken by its practitioners. This much is obvious to members of the public service legal community, which includes prosecutors and defenders, government agencies and nonprofits, client-focused work… Continue reading Why Environmental Law is Public Service Law

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My Public Service Identity (Crisis?)

If you’re reading this “Law and Public Service” blog, I imagine you came to law school, or are currently considering law school, because you believe the law will equip you with a powerful tool for social change. While that wasn’t the only reason I came to law school, it was certainly the driving force. I… Continue reading My Public Service Identity (Crisis?)

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The World’s Largest Democracy

This past summer I had the privilege of working for the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC) in New Delhi, India. Having previously studied abroad in India during my undergraduate career I had a strong desire to return to the world’s largest democracy with some legal knowledge under my belt. After receiving an offer… Continue reading The World’s Largest Democracy