Student Posts

Why Environmental Law is Public Service Law

Public Service Law is not a field whose boundaries can be cleanly demarcated based on the subject matter addressed, the type of client represented, or the policy positions taken by its practitioners. This much is obvious to members of the public service legal community, which includes prosecutors and defenders, government agencies and nonprofits, client-focused work… Continue reading Why Environmental Law is Public Service Law

Conversations with Practitioners

Michelle Harrison

Conversations with Practitioners is our ongoing series in which we ask current practitioners about their careers 1. What do you currently do? I am a staff attorney at EarthRights International (ERI), a nonprofit human rights and environmental organization with offices in SE Asia, the Amazon, and Washington, D.C. ERI uses transnational litigation and advocacy strategies to… Continue reading Michelle Harrison

Student Posts

Changing “The Plan” and Asking the Right Questions

Before even the first day of law school, I thought I had it all figured out. I would focus my courses on environmental law, work both summers in the field, and then apply for a fellowship to work for a non-profit environmental organization after graduation. I came to law school specifically to do this work.… Continue reading Changing “The Plan” and Asking the Right Questions