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In Support of Non-Traditional Lawyering

One of the most exciting and overwhelming aspects of public service is that there are so many different career paths to explore. While many of my peers in public service pursued laudable careers in prosecution and public defense, I sought out less traditional experiences. Though choosing less common paths can be risky, it can also… Continue reading In Support of Non-Traditional Lawyering

Student Posts

Thinking About Externships?

Externship application season is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering whether an externship is right for you. Externships might seem scary because they take up your entire semester and/or may be located outside of Charlottesville. This past semester I had the pleasure of completing a full-time, individualized externship at Bay Area Legal Aid (BayLegal)… Continue reading Thinking About Externships?

Student Posts

Get Out: Becoming a Practice-Ready Lawyer

Law school is an ivory tower. It exists hundreds of miles above our clients’ on-the-ground experiences. We sit in these rooms—divorced from reality—deriving “holdings” from age-old judicial opinions. We theorize, contemplate, and speculate about principles of law from our aerial view. And in the “elevated” exercises of the traditional law school class's Socratic method, we… Continue reading Get Out: Becoming a Practice-Ready Lawyer

Conversations with Practitioners

Michelle Harrison

Conversations with Practitioners is our ongoing series in which we ask current practitioners about their careers 1. What do you currently do? I am a staff attorney at EarthRights International (ERI), a nonprofit human rights and environmental organization with offices in SE Asia, the Amazon, and Washington, D.C. ERI uses transnational litigation and advocacy strategies to… Continue reading Michelle Harrison