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Reflections from a Courtroom

I had never walked into a courtroom before law school.  The only people I knew who had been in courtrooms entered as defendants.  For me, courtrooms had a very serious and almost terrifying power about them.  And yet this year, I have walked into a courtroom at least once a week.  To say the experience… Continue reading Reflections from a Courtroom

Conversations with Practitioners

Vivian Kim

Conversations with Practitioners is our ongoing series in which we ask current practitioners about their careers. 1. What do you currently do? I am an Assistant United States Attorney at the U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Columbia. Our office is a little different from other U.S. Attorney's offices. Since there is no D.A.… Continue reading Vivian Kim

Student Posts

A Liberal Prosecutor – Oxymoron?

I am a child of two public servants and I have always known that I would follow the public service path too. In spite of my own privileged situation, I grew up watching my parent’s clients struggle with poverty, lack of access to services, and additional law enforcement scrutiny due to their race. While many… Continue reading A Liberal Prosecutor – Oxymoron?

Student Posts

An Education Beyond the Classroom

I’m going to tell you what may seem like a very obvious thing, but it’s also a very important thing: law school does not prepare you to be a lawyer. Law school prepares you to be a law professor. 1L year is spent teaching you to “think like a lawyer.” I’m still not totally sure… Continue reading An Education Beyond the Classroom